About Phil M. Boos

Electronic Media & Film Studies, BA

Filmmaker | Director | Live Event A/V Technician

Phil launched his career in 2014 and serves as lead producer, working on projects in all aspects of production, marketing, and outreach.


Currently, Phil is a Videographer and A/V Technician at the University of Michigan School of Social Work Department, where he assists faculty and students with various recording and video editing needs live events, course recordings, and training tutorials.


 Starting out at U of M, Phil served as the Senior Media Associate at the University of Michigan's Language, Science, and the Arts (LSA) department of Technology Services. 

Phil served as Lead Media Producer and Video Program Adviser at the Neutral Zone (Ann Arbor) and Ward 1 Productions (Ypsilanti) expanding their programs to a wider audience with increased youth participation.  At Neutral Zone, Phil also launched and supervised the Teen 24-Hour Film Competition, which is Southeast Michigan’s only film-making competition geared towards youth between the ages of 13 and 17.

Using his keen and creative eye, Phil has honed his craft on more than 100 uniquely customized productions for local businesses, nonprofits, music videos, and local news coverage via Community Television Network (Ann Arbor).


Phil is a documentary filmmaker, producing award-winning films such as The Moon: Big House Melee (2017), and On My Own (2016).

Finally, Phil has a passion for music and music videos and has composed for and performed in a variety bands and short films. 

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