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"Film is about communicating and connecting with one another."


Phil believes video is not just a means for promoting a business, but as a means of communicating and connecting with one another.  That is why he finds Media Literacy and after school Video Production programming necessary for developing youth.

From 2016-2019, Phil has led and collaborated with youth at the Neutral Zone (Ann Arbor), and Ward 1 Productions (Ypsilanti). 


Being involved in youth-driven spaces, he was tasked with facilitating programming and offering higher-level knowledge of the equipment in a more efficient and creative way. This was accomplished through group activities, workshops, and one-on-one training sessions where he provided guidance and advice on technical aspects of pedagogy and production work.  He also showed the teens how video production works in possible future career settings through real world application. He taught all aspects of production and on a variety of formats, including Music Videos, Live event Coverage, and short narrative film.


He is very proud of what the teens have learned and accomplished while working there, which has cemented his passion for teaching and training.


Currently, he is employed with the University of Michigan’s LSA Technology Services where he assists students with various multimedia assignments. This position includes training students, lending out equipment, answering questions regarding editing software, and creating instructional videos for students to utilize outside of our office hours and for staff training sessions.

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