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Phil M. Boos

Live A/V Technician

CURRENT UPDATES: The short film, "The Sponsor", directed by Joe Heck, will be screened in LA, at the Indie Short Film Fest, and is nominated for Best Dark Comedy Short, Best Microfilm, and Best First Time Director! I was the Director of Photography for this film and composed the soundtrack. We are super excited to see where else it will be screened this summer! 



Video is a vital tool in promoting yourself, your ideas, and/or your business. Website videos engage your prospective clients and inform them of who you are and what your business is all about. 


From story-boarding to scripting, filming to editing, Phil Boos will see each project to completion. He will work with you to create a long-lasting video you and your company will be proud of and at competitive prices.


Phil is a videographer and digital media specialist who provides on-location video and sound production equipment for live events, film, television, and social media.  He has worked with a diverse range of production setups and audio-visual equipment both in the studio and during live events. 


Some of his clients include the University of Michigan: School of Education, Mott’s Hospital, and IBSMA. Contact him today for free quote consultation. You may reach Phil at


Let Phil Boos help capture your vision, whether it is a narrative film, music video, or your next upcoming event. 

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